Pleno M5.0 Handheld Massager

Pleno M5.0 Handheld Massager
Pleno M5.0 Handheld Massager
Pleno M5.0 Handheld Massager
Pleno M5.0 Handheld Massager
Pleno M5.0 Handheld Massager
Pleno M5.0 Handheld Massager

Pleno M5.0 Handheld Massager

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Experience the Ultimate Muscle Relief with the Pleno M5.0 Powerful Handheld Tissue Massager Gun

Unlock a new level of muscle recovery and relaxation with the Pleno M5.0 Deep Muscle Massager. Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty, this handheld device offers professional-grade deep tissue massage for optimal pain relief and relaxation.

Key Features:

1. Designed for Effective Muscle Relief: The Pleno M5.0 is expertly crafted to target muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms, and stiffness. Its deep tissue massage increases lymphatic flow and reduces lactic acid build-up, providing you with much-needed relief.

2. Scientifically Proven Vibration Frequency: Backed by science, the Pleno M5.0's vibration frequency enhances blood flow, accelerating muscle recovery time, and helping you get back to your best self sooner.

3. Nine-Speed Shift Adjustment: Enjoy the first-ever nine-speed shift adjustment design that allows you to customize your massage experience. By combining frequency, amplitude, and torque, the Pleno M5.0 offers a satisfying and effective relaxation experience.

4. Total Body Relief, Whenever & Wherever: With its handheld design and four interchangeable tips, the Pleno M5.0 enables you to target every muscle group, trigger point, and area of discomfort. Reach your back, neck, feet, legs, hips, and arms with ease.

5. Innovative Noise Reduction Technology: Experience powerful performance with minimal noise. The 24V brushless DC motor and double bearing transmission ensure a high-power, low-noise massage session.

6. Long Battery Life and Quick Charging: Equipped with a 24V 2000mAh Power Li-ion Battery, the Pleno M5.0 offers up to 3 hours of continuous use on the highest gear. The intelligent power management system extends battery life, while the 2-hour charging time ensures you're always ready for relief.

7. Five Customized Massage Heads: Enjoy a relaxing massage experience with five specially designed massage heads. These heads offer a customized touch while minimizing the risk of bone damage.

8. Silicone Protective Cover for Enhanced Grip: The massage gun grip and power cabin feature a food-grade silicone cover that ensures a comfortable and secure grip. This protective cover prevents slips and provides a smooth gripping touch.

Usage Tips:

- Adjust the frequency based on personal preference.
- Start with light pressure and slow movement.
- Remember the speed setting with the speed memory function.

Package Includes:

- One Pleno M5.0 Massager
- 24V Adaptor
- Five Massager Tips and Tips Bag
- Instruction Manual
- Handy Carrying Bag

Experience the next level of muscle relaxation and recovery with the Pleno M5.0 Deep Muscle Massager. Your path to enhanced well-being and relief starts here.
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