Massage has significant health effects and is frequently used in therapy against, among other things, muscle pain, muscle stiffness, rheumatic complaints and stress. The form of therapy originates from Chinese medicine in ancient times, and due to its well-documented effect, massage is practiced to this day. Massage guns have been tested and recommended by physiotherapists and chiropractors in Norway.
Massage need not be expensive or time-consuming, as you can easily perform a deep and nurturing massage yourself, using a hand-held massage gun.


1. Before exercise - warm-up, prevention of injuries

To avoid injuries during training, it is important to warm up the muscles. Using a Relaxgun massage gun on the muscles to be stressed before training will reduce the risk of strains, injuries and incorrect loads. The massage gun's vibrations increase blood circulation and blood supply to the muscle, making the muscle more ready for stress.

2. After training - recovery and recovery

When you train a muscle, muscle fibers on the surface of the muscle will be slightly damaged and need to be repaired - this is called recovery. It is the recovery that makes the muscle stronger after the training. The quality of the recovery can be improved by using the Relaxgun massage gun on the muscles. The massage increases blood circulation and the muscles receive a supply of oxygen and can get rid of waste products through the blood flow. This means that the muscle becomes ready for new muscle work more quickly, and facilitates a better training benefit.

3. Pain relief in stiff and stiff muscles

The vibration treatment you get from a massage gun will result in faster recovery, improved mobility, and relief from pain and soreness in the muscle. Pain from tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back has a good effect from the advanced vibrating effect from a massage gun. The vibrations from the massage contribute to improved blood and lymph circulation, which will mean that waste substances will not accumulate in places and cause pain. It will also provide a more frequent supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, which will make you feel much more agile!

4. Rehabilitation

Within rehabilitation, massage is known to be one of the most effective forms of treatment. It both contributes to faster recovery, but also prevents damage from happening again, as it makes the damaged area more rusted. A Relaxgun massage gun will be a great supplement for people who are in treatment or in a healing recovery process, as it will speed up the process and keep the body moving. After beginning massage therapy, you will notice more flexibility and faster healing within a short time.

5. Avoid lactic acid with the Relaxgun massage gun

Lactic acid is a substance that forms in the muscles when the oxygen level in the body is too low. This is because oxygen is needed for muscle work, and the body will start producing the oxygen itself if the level is too low. This transformation process costs both energy, but it also leaves waste substances in the muscles, which are experienced as pain, can cause cramps and you feel exhausted. Massage from a massage gun reduces this as it releases toxins and accumulated lactates from the muscles and surrounding tissue. This means that the probability of low oxygen levels in the muscles is less, and if lactic acid occurs it will disappear much faster.

6. Activates the nervous system and muscles

The nervous system stimulates and regulates muscle activity. Each time a muscle is used, messages pass between the muscles and the brain through the nervous system. These links have receptors that can be stimulated by massage from a Relaxgun massage gun, which trains the nervous system and maintains good contact with the muscles. This also increases mobility, and the ability to relax and unwind when the muscle work is finished.

7. Massage gun reduces stiffness

Massage guns are ingenious tools for relieving cramps, tension and stiffness in the muscles. With stiffness in the muscles, a low blood flow through the muscles, called ischaemia, quickly occurs. This makes the muscles painful to touch or use, and cramps occur more easily. In such cases, using a massage gun will help to relax the muscle so that it can recover properly, and the healing process goes significantly faster.

8. Breaks up scar tissue

When the skin is exposed to pressure damage, wounds or stitches after operations, the skin is damaged and needs to be repaired, and scar tissue forms where the skin has been damaged. Scar tissue is less elastic, tighter and less sensitive than normal skin, and it can be problematic to maintain good blood flow through scar tissue. Experience has shown that using the Relaxgun massage gun can break up parts of these collagen fibers in the scar tissue, and help repair the damaged fibers in the body. In this way, the scar tissue will become less tight, and will contribute to increased blood circulation.

9. Wellness benefits with a massage gun

There are many health benefits of using massage guns. In Norway, a number of other benefits than those mentioned above have been reported. You can read our customer reviews yourself at the bottom of this page. Our customers' experiences include improved sleep quality, relief of fibromyalgia pain, increased mobility and help with stress and anxiety.