Practical products for you who are always on the move and have a busy everyday life

For busy parents of young children, students and pupils, or you with a full calendar at any time, there can be little time between the games sometimes. We at Moderne liv value smart and practical solutions so that you will have an easier everyday life - and this with a modern and stylish look. Modern life has a number of products that will help in a hectic everyday life, so that you don't have to de-prioritize things you really wanted to prioritize time on.

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1. Our rechargeable portable smoothie blenders!

Vi har et utvalg av smoothieblendere med innebygd oppladbart batteri, slik at du kan ta den med deg hvor som helst. Dette betyr at du kan lage deg frisk smoothie på skolen eller jobb, i parken på piknik, på bussen til et sted eller rett etter trening. Disse kan brukes til å lage ulike smoothier, milkshakes, protein-shakes eller til å piske/røre sammen annen væske. Disse er geniale for deg som er på farta, men likevel vil unne deg et sunt og friskt mellommåltid!

2. Thermos bottles that keep your drink either cold or hot all day!

Our thermos bottles in a nice, stylish design keep your drink hot or cold all day! These are perfect on hot summer days as all you have to do is fill in a cold drink of your choice in the morning and it will keep the temperature throughout the day. Same for hot drinks; fill up with coffee, tea, cocoa or other hot drinks and take with you on trips, to school or work and enjoy hot drinks all day. These are both decorative and practical, and can be cleaned super easily.

3. Environmentally friendly coffee cups in steel and hard plastic for multiple use

These nice coffee cups are just like the ones you get if you buy a "take-away coffee" in a café - only that these are made of stainless steel and hard plastic, and can be used over and over again. These are therefore much more environmentally friendly than the disposable cups you get in cafés. Here you can save both the environment and money, as you can either bring coffee from home or ask for café coffee in your reusable cup! These can be easily cleaned by rinsing them in water or in the dishwasher.

4. Environmentally friendly shaker

This shaker is environmentally friendly, light in weight and easy to carry around. Choose between 4 gorgeous pastel colours. This is perfect to take with you on the bus or when travelling. Also great for training.