Make everyday life easier with our ingenious kitchen products

We often spend large parts of the day in the kitchen preparing food. It also often takes much longer if one is to prioritize making really healthy and good food from scratch, rather than simpler solutions such as ready meals or semi-manufactured foods which are not quite as healthy and good for health. With our time-saving products for the kitchen and cooking, you can easily make healthy and good food from scratch, without it taking extra time.

1. Salad cutter / vegetable cutter with cutting blade and strainer

Our salad cutter is a practical tool that holds the vegetables in place so that you can easily and safely cut up salad. The bowl can be used as a strainer to wash the salad, and the base is used as a cutting board. This makes the cutting process more efficient, and everything stays in place at all times, so that you don't have everything falling over the entire bench.

2. Easydicer vegetable cutter

The Easydicer vegetable cutter is a multifunctional kitchen tool that quickly and easily dices, slices, grates - whatever you want. It has everything you need to cut all kinds of vegetables, fruit and salads with its 7 replaceable inserts. The 7 inserts include two different knife blades and two spiral blades, which gives you the opportunity to cut fruit and vegetables in many varieties.

3. Cutting board with colander / strainer

This smart cutting board also comes with a colander/strainer that you can use while cutting, or you can also use it as a storage basket. So convenient! The cutting board has a matt surface which makes it very easy to clean. The door strainer can be folded and therefore takes up very little space, and is easy to store.

4. Easyslicer - rotary grater. Perfect for grating cheese, carrot or grinding nuts

With an Easycutter, you can quickly and easily slice cucumbers, grate cheese for tacos or pizza, grate carrots or grind almonds faster than ever. This rotary grater has a suction cup at the bottom so that it stands steady and completely still on the kitchen counter, with a crank that rotates the knife blades around. This is a bestseller - for good reason!

5. Complete multi-functional vegetable cutter

This complete multi-functional vegetable cutter is perfect for cooking that involves a lot of cutting vegetables. This vegetable cutter contains a serving bowl, strainer to effectively rinse the vegetables, 6 replaceable knife blades, a potato peeler/carrot peeler and a hand protection container that is used to avoid cutting your fingers when using the sharp knives.

6. Smartcut vegetable cutter

Tired of chopping vegetables? Then you should invest in this little thing. The Smartcut vegetable cutter finely chops all vegetables for you, at an impressive pace. The vegetable cutter has a capacity of approx. 500 ml, and is perfect for finely chopping onions and garlic, herbs, chillies and much more. The knife blades are of good quality and made of stainless steel, and can be washed in the dishwasher.