Our best tips for a successful wine and cocktail evening

Do you want to invite to a pleasant wine evening at your home, or stay up with some stylish cocktails? Here you can get good tips on how to have a successful evening with the help of products from Modern life. Now you can gather your friends or a group of colleagues for a pleasant evening at your home with our products for wine, champagne and cocktails.

Tip 1: Use a proper cocktail shaker

By using a cocktail shaker to make drinks, you will be able to mix the flavors in a professional way, get whipped foam that should be on certain cocktails and get the drink ice cold by shaking it with ice cubes. Our cocktail shakers come in four different gorgeous colours, and will look stylish but you are mixing drinks like a bartender.



Tip 2: Use a jigger measure / measuring cup for more accurate measurements

A jigger measure or measuring cup is a great measuring tool to get exactly the right mixing ratio in your drink. With concrete measuring conditions, you will have greater success in your drink making, and you will ensure that you can make the same drink over and over again. This measuring cup has two ends with different volumes. One side holds 30 ml and the other 60 ml.

Tip 3: Serve the drinks in suitable cups or mugs

You top off the evening by serving the finished drinks in a delicious way, and with our Moscow Mule mugs in stylish colors, or our drink cups in stainless steel, your drinks look really professional!



Tip 4: Take care of the remains of wine or champagne with this ingenious cork

With a vacuum cork for a wine or champagne bottle, you can easily take care of the leftovers after the evening, without the wine being corked, damaged or losing its bubbles. This is absolutely great if you're going to use a little prosecco in a drink, or a little red wine in a sangria, and don't want to use the leftovers the same evening. These are available in two variants, one for wine bottles and one for champagne bottles.